Friday, 8 January 2010

Gordon's rallying cry...Tyler style.

((I posted htis in the comments of Guido Fawkes' website earlier today))

Dear Tyler,

If there’s one thing that our recent by-election successes and this week’s coverage about the £34 billion credibility gap in the Tories’ spending plans shows us, it’s that the media haven’t noticed our £178bn credibility gap.
I know that despite the icy conditions, Ellie Gellard is preparing to go out campaigning this weekend. That, for me, says it all about the spirit of our Labour Party – we never give in, we never give up, we fight for progress house by house, street by street, day by day, and we’re a touch delusional.
If you want to get involved in fighting the greatest force for fairness our country has ever known, click here.
And I hope you will also take the time to check in on elderly neighbours and others in your community, as so many of you have been already, to ensure people stay safe and stay warm during the cold weather. After all, the winter fuel allowance isn’t enough to heat their homes now that i’ve stolen their pensions, and the Police will be too busy filling in forms to come out if any real criminals happen to be about.
Earlier today the cabinet met to discuss how we intend to focus laser-like on two fronts: keeping our jobs and fiddling expenses. We should be united in serving Britain and working as a team to lead our movement into a big choice election, but we’re too busy navel gazing and fighting like randy ferrets in a small sack.
Labour is on your side – if you vote for us, are a civil servant or live on benefits. So let’s get the message out this weekend; if you’re not one of the above we’re either going to tax you till you move abroad, or simply ban you under our equality agenda.
Gordon Brown

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