Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The difference between "Left" and "Right" wing blogs.

As far as I can tell;

Right wing blogs will allow you to post almost anything, unless you swear. At which point they sometimes get antsy. Left wing trolls are seen as sport.

Left wing blogs will allow you to post almost anything till you make an argument they can't defeat. At that point they simply delete your post. It's a bit liek the party they vote for.

At this point Tyler would like to say this;

The third rule of TDsays: You can say whatever you want here, unless it's libellous. And then only because Tyler doesn't feel like being sued. Go piss on your own patch if you're that desperate. Be warned though, anything you post might recieve a thorough fisking by yours truly, and you yourself will be made a subject of ridicule.

Have a nice day now!

TD out.

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