Monday, 11 January 2010

Fisking fabiansolutions.

Some of you may be aware of this nut (and trust me, it take sone to know one) who posts Labour party tractor production statistics primarily on Dan Hanna's blog, but also occasionally at Guido Fawkes' place.

What we do know about him/her (my guess is its a him) is that he was Kennedy scholar at Oxford Uni, and got a first, thus giving him a preception of intellectual superiority over us mere mortals. It also regularly crops up in his statements about Gordon Brown's IQ of 167 being a good reason for us to be leading us.

Which should come as no surprise really - after all Fabianism aims to create social democracy through "a meritocratic state elite".

Yes, you read that corectly. The whole idea of it is to have a set of elites govern and control us mere proles, though to soften the blow, do it in a nice benign way.

Like fucking hell that is ever going to happen.

You can see why it appeals to a lot of Labour types though - especially those with "elite" backgrounds (such as going to Oxford) who like to think they know it all better.

So thats a mere scratch on the surface of the Fabian ideal. I could go on to say, that socialism, and certainly this Labour government has no intention of ever offering true equality. They rely, for a huge percentage of their vote, on playing up the differences between people and the resulting friction it causes. They will never lift the poorest out of true poverty, only promise to do so. After all, the poor tend to vote Labour, and if suddenly they were rich and paying the large taxes Labour are so keen to impose on the more affluent.....they probably wouldn't. Their overriding goal is simply holding on to power.

I'm sorry fabiansolutions (or as some bright spark monikered you, fabiandelusions) but your lists of Labour's achievements are firmly in the tractor statistics catagory, and we, the people, are aware of it.

You have a nice day now.

TD out.

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