Monday, 25 January 2010

Tyler vs....the Civil Servant

OK firstly this;

Civil servants don't pay tax. They are paid for by taxpayers. Some *think* they pay tax, like Gace Fletcher-Hackwood, but they are deluded. Or delusional. Or both. Their pay is effectively recieved net of tax, deducted at source.

A good way to spot a civil servant is the univeralsity test: Can you move abroad yet RETAIN your current employer? Anyone in the private sphere can do this. No-one in the public pay can (other than diplomates I guess, if you fancy being difficult).

Under Labour, we've seen a massive explosion in the number of civil servants. Almost a million in fact. Their levels of pay have also massively shot up, now overtaking the private sector, which has to foot the bill for them. One would think that this is a good thing - more people in work, and more Doctors/Nurses/Policemen/Teachers etc. And it would be, if Labour had actually hired proffessionals.

Its now hard to see a GP out of hours, and much of that is covered by foreigners working for private firms. Nurses are increasingly being recuited from abroad, we have about 20,000 new police over the last 10 years, but thanks to paperwork burdens the time spent actually on the beat has decreased. As for schooling, Labour spews out tractor production statistics but in real terms, we are falling down international league tables in all areas, and basic numeracy and literacy is falling.

Anyhow, back to the point. We have lots more civil servants now, mostly involved in ever increasing layers of box ticking. Labour loves targets and it's box-ticking culture, but that is only partly the reason for the explosion in their numbers.

If you are beholden to someone for your existence, and if you vote for the other guy your job may disappear, you are likely to vote for the former, right? Brown knows this, and a lot of Labour votes would go the way of the Dodo is he suddenly turned round and said thats whats going to happen.

But, unfortunately for all you civil servants out there, this is what is going to happen. The budget deficit is so huge that it will have to be cut massively under any future government. The deficit is £175bn, of which something like £110-120bn is structural (i.e. not caused by Bank bailouts or the recession directly).

The government has to cut its wage and pensions paycuts are going to happen, and I expect heavy job cuts in the civil service will also follow. Councils have already started. Just to put it into perspective, if you cut 1 million civil servants jobs, assuming they earn £30k PA, you will still only save £30bn a year. At best.

So, when all you lefties out there start crying about job losses after the election if Cameron is in charge remember this - it was Brown who created the problem in the first place.


From Whistler. Some lacerations from the fight club out there and a swollen knee but otherwise ok.

Am wondering why the hell I came back from a place where people are nice, crime is low and the girls are pretty, to London, where we are ruled more autocratically every day by some one eyed maniac, taxed to pay for others not doing anything other than funding a lifestyle of petty crime and half the popel you meet don't even speak english any more.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tyler is.... to Whistler tomorrow with the snowfools.

Expect Mayhem.

I am Jack's sense of expectation.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The difference between "Left" and "Right" wing blogs.

As far as I can tell;

Right wing blogs will allow you to post almost anything, unless you swear. At which point they sometimes get antsy. Left wing trolls are seen as sport.

Left wing blogs will allow you to post almost anything till you make an argument they can't defeat. At that point they simply delete your post. It's a bit liek the party they vote for.

At this point Tyler would like to say this;

The third rule of TDsays: You can say whatever you want here, unless it's libellous. And then only because Tyler doesn't feel like being sued. Go piss on your own patch if you're that desperate. Be warned though, anything you post might recieve a thorough fisking by yours truly, and you yourself will be made a subject of ridicule.

Have a nice day now!

TD out.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Fisking fabiansolutions.

Some of you may be aware of this nut (and trust me, it take sone to know one) who posts Labour party tractor production statistics primarily on Dan Hanna's blog, but also occasionally at Guido Fawkes' place.

What we do know about him/her (my guess is its a him) is that he was Kennedy scholar at Oxford Uni, and got a first, thus giving him a preception of intellectual superiority over us mere mortals. It also regularly crops up in his statements about Gordon Brown's IQ of 167 being a good reason for us to be leading us.

Which should come as no surprise really - after all Fabianism aims to create social democracy through "a meritocratic state elite".

Yes, you read that corectly. The whole idea of it is to have a set of elites govern and control us mere proles, though to soften the blow, do it in a nice benign way.

Like fucking hell that is ever going to happen.

You can see why it appeals to a lot of Labour types though - especially those with "elite" backgrounds (such as going to Oxford) who like to think they know it all better.

So thats a mere scratch on the surface of the Fabian ideal. I could go on to say, that socialism, and certainly this Labour government has no intention of ever offering true equality. They rely, for a huge percentage of their vote, on playing up the differences between people and the resulting friction it causes. They will never lift the poorest out of true poverty, only promise to do so. After all, the poor tend to vote Labour, and if suddenly they were rich and paying the large taxes Labour are so keen to impose on the more affluent.....they probably wouldn't. Their overriding goal is simply holding on to power.

I'm sorry fabiansolutions (or as some bright spark monikered you, fabiandelusions) but your lists of Labour's achievements are firmly in the tractor statistics catagory, and we, the people, are aware of it.

You have a nice day now.

TD out.

The Truth According To Tyler: Why we will never have PR

OK, here we go. Lets start with the easy one first. The Lib Dems will never be in power. Unless in a coalition through a hung parliament, where they *might* be able to squeeze AV out of a weakened Labour Government.

The Tory party will never go for PR, not least because of their ideological objection to it, but because it will more often than not deprive them of a working majority. In some ways PR would benefit them, as it would counter the massive boundary bias currently in the system (the Tories won more votes than Labour at the last election, but Labour have a huge majority, and in the 2010 election a 10% vote lead will only give them an 8 seat majority) but it would forever deprive them of the magical 50% vote share needed for majority.

Which pretty much is where Labour is as well - why go for PR when current boundaries give you a huge edge in the elctoral system, and without it you would never be able to hold power alone? It would also destroy Labours heartground safe seats, where much (in some palces almost half) the voters owe their income solely, through the civil service or through benefits, to the state. If votes inthe South actually counted as much as in the North, Labour would be in trouble.

TD out.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Spot the difference

My problem with socialists.

Yes, I know what your going to say. I have a problem with everybody. Then you lefties out there will accuse me of being some hard right baby chewing nut. I might be a nut, but I prefer chewing gum to babies. Less gets caught between your teeth.

Anyhow, back to the point. Socialists claim to want to help people. An admirable goal, yes?

They then go about it by stepping in an controlling aspects of your life, deciding how your society should be for you, rather than allowing you to shape it yourself.

And something else....they are always on about lifting poor people out of poverty. Again, nothing wrong with that. Except they don't really mean it - after all, if there were no poor people, who the fuck would vote for them?

I am Jack's broken Nokia.

TD out.

Gordon's rallying cry...Tyler style.

((I posted htis in the comments of Guido Fawkes' website earlier today))

Dear Tyler,

If there’s one thing that our recent by-election successes and this week’s coverage about the £34 billion credibility gap in the Tories’ spending plans shows us, it’s that the media haven’t noticed our £178bn credibility gap.
I know that despite the icy conditions, Ellie Gellard is preparing to go out campaigning this weekend. That, for me, says it all about the spirit of our Labour Party – we never give in, we never give up, we fight for progress house by house, street by street, day by day, and we’re a touch delusional.
If you want to get involved in fighting the greatest force for fairness our country has ever known, click here.
And I hope you will also take the time to check in on elderly neighbours and others in your community, as so many of you have been already, to ensure people stay safe and stay warm during the cold weather. After all, the winter fuel allowance isn’t enough to heat their homes now that i’ve stolen their pensions, and the Police will be too busy filling in forms to come out if any real criminals happen to be about.
Earlier today the cabinet met to discuss how we intend to focus laser-like on two fronts: keeping our jobs and fiddling expenses. We should be united in serving Britain and working as a team to lead our movement into a big choice election, but we’re too busy navel gazing and fighting like randy ferrets in a small sack.
Labour is on your side – if you vote for us, are a civil servant or live on benefits. So let’s get the message out this weekend; if you’re not one of the above we’re either going to tax you till you move abroad, or simply ban you under our equality agenda.
Gordon Brown