Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tyler vs.....Joss Garman

Joss Garman is a Greenpeace member, and was heavily involved in the Plane Stupid campaign of a short while back (which has basically disappeared). He writes profusely about global warming, and how it definately most absolutely is 100% true and real, and more so, if we don't cut C02 and more importantly, tax it hugely, we're all going to die.

I'm sure his degree in politics has led him to that conclusion. My degree in physics is not needed to tell me the man is a cunt.

Let me just say again: AGW *may* be happening. It would be foolish to believe that man is not having an effect on the environment. HOWEVER blaming it all on C02 is more foolish. I won't go into the science now, but even Arrhenius (the father of all this C02 nonsense) calculated that a DOUBLING of C02 in the atmosphere would only lead to a 1.5C rise. Which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. (C02 has gone from about 280ppm to 380ppm in the last 100 years, and the rate of increase has fallen significantly)

Cunts like Joss firstly try to stifle debate if it runs against their creed. Recently his articles have been more shouty and panicked, as AGW has been broadsided. Surprised? Hardly. C02 based AGW is the main belief of their religion, and it has subsumed all else. Other environmental projects are being squeezed out both in publicity and funding terms. Scientists are finding it harder to get funding into research which isn't climate related. Isn't it right to have a discussion, at the very least, about where limited resourrces should be spent? There are millions of people in the world in poverty and in need of food yet we spend billions on AGW through the CDM/carbon credits.

That really is the crux of the matter. I'm sure mypoic little Joss honestly thinks he is going to save the world. The problem is, his religion has been subverted. The biggest proponents of CDM/carbon credits and the research behind it are now governments (who are set to make huge sums in tax) and big business. Oil companies are well ahead of the game, as are heavy industrials. Financial companies are genuinely rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of an increasing carbon credit market. Al Gore is already fantastically rich thanks to his eco investments....as is Pachauri.

The economic firepower of the pro-AGW lobby is enormous, and that money isn't being put to saving the world. Think about that next time you go on one of your little rants, Joss.

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