Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Putting the deficit into perspective

Just to put the deficit into perspective for you lefties out there, who seem to think that overspending by £168bn a year is a-ok, perfectly sustainable and dare I say it, even welcome.

That amount of money is more than all income tax revenues. It is not far away from all public sector pay and pensions, or the welfare bill.

So choose - double all taxes, cut 90% of the public sector, or 85% of all welfare payments.

*That* is Gordon Brown's real legacy.


  1. Can I choose both cut 90% of the public sector, or 85% of all welfare payments.

    Pretty please?

  2. be fair, we do need emergancy services, doctors, teachers and many other services besides....but since 1997 Labour hired ~1.2 million new civil servants, and I'll tell you for free, we don't have that many new nurses and policemen.....

    What it seems to have been is a sop to Labour heartlands, and a massive increase in admin jobs and associated beaurocracy. Turkeys don't vote for Xmas, and the last government knows this....few people vote their paymaster out of power if it might mean their job goes too.

    Labour knwos civil servants tend to be unionised and vote Labour....QED

  3. Cut them all! Cut taxes slightly, but making it a flat rate for all (e.g. 30% income tax on all earnings above x amount, abolish NI). Big slashes to the public sector and attempt to cut welfare payments where possible (does this mean costs of Welfare system or just cash payments? If its just cash payments then big cutting probably wouldn't be that easy).

    My kind of idea wouldn't cut the whole defecit as quickly as some more radical options but it would help.

  4. There are other areas we can cut though. What about the 2012 Olympic budget or MP's salaries? What the Left need to do is come up with a list of alternate cuts that avoid hitting the most vulnerable. The consultation that the Tories engaged in had some good ideas, but they've been ignored.

    Welfare cuts are all well and good until you become unemployed or sick. That's not you personally, I mean it in a rhetorical way.