Friday, 16 April 2010

Tyler vs. election debate polls

Really quick post;

All the polls are suggesting Cleggy won, and having watched it, he probably did. I'm just not sure why people are representing the poll results in such an arbitrary "first past the post" format. I think it would have been more relevant to have asked each pollster to give each candidate a mark out of ten, then normalize.

This would have given us a better sense of relative performance. Instead, we have only a crude absolute performance, and little information to go on as to how it will effect opinion polls and the final election result.

I am Jack's reasoning mind.

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  1. Um probably because that would be too sensible an idea for politics!

    I still believe in that saying 75% of all statistics (including polls) are made up!

    Role on 7th May and put us all out of our TV misery!!